Why You Must Watch This Extraordinary Documentary

Many pieces of Chinese art through the ages bear the significance of their religion and culture. The same goes for the new wave of contemporary art that first came into fruition in the 1970s. Many Chinese symbols in this style of art still hold the same meaning. The dragon for example, is a positive force of good luck, fortune, and encouraging energy. A slight problem with Chinese contemporary art is that after the 1980s, imitations of American pieces started to crop up. During the 1980s, directv montana, artistic expression in China came to a halt and they found much inspiration in the American style of paintings and drawings. After the well known Robert Rauschenberg Exhibition, Chinese artists produced many fake imitations that were featured in their own exhibitions. However, after this incident China soon found their own voice again during the early and mid 2000s. The value of the art climbed as it bore the famous symbolism the nation was most known for. The concept behind China’s contemporary art pieces is mixing tradition in with modernism. New oil paintings showed visions of the west but with Chinese imagery such as bamboo, which represents vitality and permanence. The culture of China’s art today is ever growing and its future looks to be promising as they expand their artistic ideas. More info here: Art Movement: Cynical Realism

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3 Reasons Why This Film Was Created

The Rising Tide is a Canadian documentary about fishermen who live in poverty. The documentary was nominated for an Academy Award. The documentary was directed by Jean Palardy in 1949. The documentary portrays everyday life of the local fisherman, and the difficulties they face. Documentaries are especially interesting because they show the real life conditions that people go through. The movies often show fishermen in a positive light and doesn’t always portray reality. The Rising Tide is set in the mid 1920s. The documentary Read the rest of this entry »

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What Exactly Is The Original Concept Of The Rising Tide?

A Rising Tide is the true story of how the Luxury Tax of 1990 critically damaged the U.S. boat-buidling industry.

In 1963, Bill and Bob Healey bought a piece of land next to the Peterson Viking Boat Works in New Gretna, New Jersey. When Petersen Viking went bankrupt, the Healeys took control of the company, and by 1989 they were running the country’s biggest sport fishing yacht business, which they called the Viking Yacht Co. Then in 1990, in violation of his “No New Taxes” pledge, President George H.W. Bush and Congress inacted Read the rest of this entry »

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The Rising Tides Rise in Popularity

Documentaries can be hit or miss sometimes. There are plenty out there and lots of television providers like www.TVByDirect.com, even come with movie channels devoted entirely to these. The ones that stand out are able to walk the line between entertainment and education.

Great documentaries engage you with interesting information without feeling like some kind of schoolhouse lecture and The Rising Tide is one such documentary.

Released in 1949, The Rising Tide talks about cooperatives introduced to Maritime provinces and how this revitalized the dwindling populations of impoverished fishermen. You see? That doesn’t sound very interesting on paper and the two lines it took me to describe it have already turned away about 50 of you.

So how is it that this documentary is such a success and rose in popularity?

Simple, really.

It’s long enough to give you the information you need without overstaying its welcome. Clocking in at just under half an hour, the film must pick and choose the relevant information and sacrifice things like unnecessary flourish and delivery to give you a concise and easy to follow documentary.

It’s a documentary packed full of all the information you need without feeling like any kind of major investment when it comes to irreplaceable things like TIME.

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Why The Film Is A Documentary

Why The Film Is A Documentary

The Rising Tide is a documentary film made in 1949. It was directed by Jean Palardy. The documentary depicts how cooperatives in the wartime regions inspired new energy and promise to impoverished fishermen. For example, one fishermen named Willie Leblanc had risen from the hungry, desperate years of the 1920s depression to greater times. It is a movie about hopes and dreams and succeeding through hardships. Furthermore, it shows how human beings have achieved great things despite immense obstacles and Read the rest of this entry »

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Has The Documentary Achieved Any Awards?

Has The Documentary Achieved Any Awards?

Has The Rising Tide documentary received any awards? The Rising Tide was affiliated with the Genie Awards and had achieved a special citation. In addition, The Rising Tide was nominated for an Oscar award in 1950 for Best Documentary, Short Subjects category. But, unfortunately, it did not win either an Oscar or Genie award. The Rising Tide always was nominated for the category of Best Documentary Short Subject – 1949 Academy of Motion Picture Arts Read the rest of this entry »

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When Was The Film Released To The Public?

The creation of Dawn Furness and Philip Shotton, the film Rising Tide is a small budget film designed to provide movie goers with a new cinematic experience. Created for audiences that are not satisfied with the standard movie experience, Rising Tide is a teenage horror film with a twist. The film was released in August 2011 at the Tyneside Cinema and is now available to the general public.

After finishing their exams, a group of friends head out for a camping adventure, but horrific events take place during Read the rest of this entry »

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