When Was The Film Released To The Public?

The creation of Dawn Furness and Philip Shotton, the film Rising Tide is a small budget film designed to provide movie goers with a new cinematic experience. Created for audiences that are not satisfied with the standard movie experience, Rising Tide is a teenage horror film with a twist. The film was released in August 2011 at the Tyneside Cinema and is now available to the general public.

After finishing their exams, a group of friends head out for a camping adventure, but horrific events take place during the trip. Didn’t catch that? This explains it. The film is a sinister story of the groups experience on North East England’s mythical Holy Island. Viewers will find that they are drawn in by the atmospheric soundtrack, comedic moments and foreboding throughout the movie.

The quality of the film is extraordinary due to the limited budget and crew used for the film. Rising Tide was created with a minuscule budget and a skeleton crew and cast. The cast consisted of eleven teenagers ranging from 16 to 19 and a seven member crew. In addition, the film was filmed in time span of a week with two digital cameras.
The editing of the film required a year to complete to produce a cinematic and high quality movie to the general public. There are plans for a Rising Tide 2, which is now in post production.

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