The Rising Tides Rise in Popularity

Documentaries can be hit or miss sometimes. There are plenty out there and lots of television providers like, even come with movie channels devoted entirely to these. The ones that stand out are able to walk the line between entertainment and education.

Great documentaries engage you with interesting information without feeling like some kind of schoolhouse lecture and The Rising Tide is one such documentary.

Released in 1949, The Rising Tide talks about cooperatives introduced to Maritime provinces and how this revitalized the dwindling populations of impoverished fishermen. You see? That doesn’t sound very interesting on paper and the two lines it took me to describe it have already turned away about 50 of you.

So how is it that this documentary is such a success and rose in popularity?

Simple, really.

It’s long enough to give you the information you need without overstaying its welcome. Clocking in at just under half an hour, the film must pick and choose the relevant information and sacrifice things like unnecessary flourish and delivery to give you a concise and easy to follow documentary.

It’s a documentary packed full of all the information you need without feeling like any kind of major investment when it comes to irreplaceable things like TIME.

Posted by: admin on December 12th, 2012
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